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Mobilis in Mobili

Life aboard the Nautilis

13 November 1973
I was born in Montréal Québec to American parents who overstayed their welcome.I spent many years as an "illegal alien" in the US...in many ways, still feel alien here. My life does not seem to fit inside the standard boxes. I have been in the performing arts and since early childhood, went to alternative school from kindergarten all the way to graduation from Evergreen. I have been involved in mystical traditions of the East and West all my life. I am a history nut and enjoy talking about it with any and all. I love books and knowledge and try to be at peace with myself and others.

I have left behind many huge goals and am now intent on small acts of daily goodness. I try to toss at least one pebble of "good" a day into the pond of nasty and stupid that some of the world always seems to be if only to the watch the ripples.
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